Choosing a DWF Credit Repair Company Wisely

If you are looking to purchase a home, but your credit scores are stopping you from doing so, a professional credit repair company can be an excellent choice, or a lousy one depending on which company you choose. If you choose wisely, 90% of credit repair candidates are anywhere from 4 to 12 months away from having good and usable credit for the purpose of purchasing a home.

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To most people, home ownership is still a very big deal , and if you are about to make decisions on a tool to fix the credit problem you have, you must get educated a little on this very oddball industry of ours before you make a decision.

Trust but verify! Whether you are fixing your credit in Texas or anywhere else, the same problems exist. The biggest is the credit repair industry is relatively unregulated and is currently attracting a whole gob of let’s just say “unsavory characters”.

They see it as low hanging fruit to take advantage of people desperate to fix their credit. And the truth is homeownership is something that is available to almost anyone with a heartbeat and a job. Particularly with today’s zero down programs, there is nothing stopping most people from buying a home except for bad credit.

In our culture, owning a home is more or less a right of passage. It gives us a certain sense of security as well as the possibility of a nest egg as opposed to sending all of our money to a landlord with no equity on the back end.

Thus, for many people, repairing credit is the only hurdle stopping them from this very important and exciting life action.

The point is simple… When people are very motivated to do something it gives a solution provider like a credit repair scam artist a certain latitude to stretch the truth or even lie to get the business.

In other words, many people working in credit repair in Texas are regularly saying things for their benefit and not yours to get your business, and you’d be very fortunate that anything positive happens to your credit after you hand them over your money.

This brings us to point number 2. The level of service you receive can be vastly different from one company to another. Yes, there definitely exists a seedy element who will accept your check and you’ll never hear from them again. At the same time there are very good local and national credit repair companies who will do the one thing you want more than anything else, and that is to repair and convert your rough credit into into credit to be used to buy a home or get other low interest consumer loans.

So, how can you tell a good Texas credit repair company from a bad one?good or bad credit repair companies
Glad you asked. This really isn’t very hard. You must differentiate a salesman from a consultant. But to do that you must understand what is true about credit repair and what is a flat out lie.

The first truth is that if you want honest credit repair in Texas, it is not an overnight process. Whether your rough credit was by error, fraud or actually due to your life circumstances, it probably didn’t happen in a few weeks. The process of acquiring bad credit marks is normally drawn out over many months and sometimes years.

With that in mind it is logically unreasonable that a credit repair agency could come along and clean up all of those black marks in a short period. They cannot, and any company telling you they can do a complete credit sweep in less than 4 months is flat out lying.

They don’t know what can happen in 3 months or 12 months because some of the process isn’t up to them. You see, credit repair companies have to work with the credit bureaus to get black marks removed from a credit report, and some of those black marks are reported properly. When they are reported properly, they cannot be removed; period.

Fortunately, most black marks are not reported properly and can be removed, but we still don’t know when that will happen. It does usually happen within 8 months but no one can say for sure.

So, how do the “unsavory” characters sell people given what I just told you? They tell them they have a proprietary formula, or they know a loophole in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is the oldest trick in the credit repair book, and the reason so many people fall for it is because it hits their basic desires square in the chest.

People want credit repair fast and they want it easy. The “I got a secret solution” ploy implies you get both “fast” and “easy”. Ta daaaahh! You just lost $800 to a credit repair scam (company), and you will likely not have usable credit in a year.

I just spilled the beans on the next selling point which is the word “easy”. That is the other give away to a shady credit repair company. People love “easy”. They want to push a button and all their troubles will go away all by themselves.

Well, credit repair doesn’t work that way. And a credit repair company can actually only do so much to repair your credit. To sell you on the benefits of the service most companies leave out the simple fact that you will have to be involved if you want good credit again.

If you hire a company to fix your credit in Texas, all they can do is clean up your black marks and consult you on the best way to build your credit properly so your credit scores come up to where they need to be to buy a home.

They cannot, however, build your credit for you. That means you have to do it. In other words, it is not a fire and forget solution. Therefore, it can be difficult, and you have to be prepared for several to many months of work on your part to get good credit scores.

If you are truly interested in Texas credit repair, when you contact us, you can count on an honest assessment of your credit and how the process will work. The first thing we do is a complete analysis of your credit report to determine what needs to be deleted and how to build your credit in a strategic way so it will be usable in the fastest manner possible. How fast that may be will depend on your unique credit history.

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